My first You tube video review is up! (aka: Watch me be awkward)

So it's been a hot minute or so since I've had a chance to post here. When I was pregnant with Dean, everyone told me that having one child is manageable and having two is zoo, and I concede that they were right!

We've finally fallen into a pretty good rhythm in the Wise household now that Dean is six months old---wait, make that SEVEN months old today! Time just keeps flying by.  I'm here to tell you that time moves at an exponentially quicker pace with each passing child. Now I totally see why my mom was buying Christmas presents in July, not to rush the holiday along but because she knew that December was basically a few eye blinks away.

All's well in our world except for Dean experiencing his first cold. We're getting plenty of sleep at night. I'm exercising on the regular to get rid of that last 15 pounds of baby weight. Iris is a full-fledged little girl, baby no more, growing more inquisitive every day (she's discovered the word "why?" and our lives will never be the same). AND I had the chance to try to teach myself something new by creating my first ever video review. I had no idea how much work went into creating a simple video, but I'm really proud of my first effort, even with awkwardness and amateur editing skills. Will you watch it, please, with heaping helping of grace? I've got lots to learn to make this better, but I am excited to roll it out! (I also posted some Iris videos to my You Tube channel because I know you love those!)

Stylishly Yours--heavy on the ISH at the moment,

Here are some recent pics!



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