I'm Sara Wise. Mommy to Iris Jayne and Dean Harris. Wife of Josh, who is the rock to my jellyfishness, the linear to my scattered, and my partner in beach life, sarcasm, and corny puns. And for the past two years, on and off, I've been a Mommy + Style blogger.  

Contrary to my last name of Wise, I am not steeped in maternal wisdom, though I am getting the hang of it now that I'm a second time mom. I think. ;) You'll read about the good stuff and the blunders here on the blog.  

Since I "retired" from the professional workforce at age 35, I'm figuring out daily how to funnel my professional skills into raising my little ones and managing my household. Previously I owned my own wedding planning biz, was a leadership development trainer in the financial services industry, and most recently worked as a career counselor at a university where my favorite thing to do besides public speaking (yup I'm weird) was to help students figure out what they want to do as a career and prepare and coach them for their interview process through mock interviews.  

Apart from helping students, I love to share my love of dressing well for any occasion with anyone... because when you feel good about your appearance, you can focus on what's happening around you instead of tugging at your clothes or second-guessing your choice in footwear. Look good, feel good, be present for yourself and others.    

Style is something that has changed for me personally as a Stay at Home Mom, and I kid that the name of my blog is Stylish as a Mother--heavy on the ISH. I still love professional dress even though my lifestyle can best be described as loungewear chic or playground-appropriate athleisure. That's the current season I'm in, and I'm going to enjoy it while I can. :) I'm learning more and more what my own style really is (those Bretons I keep reaching for), how to do more outfit-making with a lot less clothing (read about Capsule Wardrobing here), and I love helping others figure out their style too.   

So meanwhile, while I'm home, loving on my kids and teaching them not to stick Matchbox cars in the toaster, I'm always up for helping others with their wardrobes, including virtual dressing room decision making. It's not uncommon for me to get FB messenger pics or text messages to help someone decide on new work clothes or a formal dress to wear to a wedding. 

Color and pattern mixing are my specialties, and I get pretty excited about color-coordinating for family pics. You can ask my opinion on your family pic outfits any time! Email me at sarawisestyle@gmail.com. 

Some people ask me to help choose paint colors for their home. Some pick my brain for relationship advice and spiritual wisdom. Others ask how to get started training for long distance races or just how to run and not pass out (I'm on a running hiatus but have previously run half marathons and a single, bucket list checking off marathon).  

On rare occasions, people even ask me for recipes. I'm not a great cook but I can do a few good things in the kitchen and love being creative with food. I share those recipes here on the blog. 

All in all, we each navigate Motherhood with our own style. Thanks for stopping by and I hope to talk again soon. 

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