I'm Sara Wise. Mom to Iris Jayne. Wife of Josh. And as of a few short keystrokes ago, I am a Mommy blogger.  Contrary to my last name of Wise, I am not steeped in maternal wisdom. My gift is dressing well for any occasion... because when you feel good, you can focus on what's happening around you instead of tugging at your skirt or second-guessing if your heels are too flashy for this office or that party.   

What I do well
Friends and strangers alike seek me out when they need help dressing for special occasions (weddings, job interviews, social engagements, family pictures) and everyday. Color and pattern mixing are my specialties. Some ask me to help choose paint colors for their home. Some pick my brain for relationship advice and spiritual wisdom. Others ask how to get started training for long distance races or just how to run and not pass out. On rare occasions, people even ask me for recipes (I'm not a great cook but I can do a few good things in the kitchen and love being creative with food).   

What I do better for others than I do for myself
Organize and clean. I can whip your life and closet into better shape than I can my own.  I'm an ENFP and I love to see all my options spread out before me. That can get really messy. (But my photographic memory usually knows right where everything is) 

👗 Style writer Grand Strand Magazine / Style File & Haute Decor 
🎨 Color + Pattern Mixer 
😇 Jesus-follower 
💕 Wife + Mother
👖Smarty pants 
👟 Runner 
📝 Oxford Comma Enthusiast 
+Retired wedding and event planner
+Retired career coach 

style advice
affordable fashion
product reviews
spotlight on women in business
parenting advice learned in the field
occasional recipes
decorating ideas

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