Celebrating World Breastfeeding Week

It's World Breastfeeding Week, Mamas! Cheers to you for your dedication to feed your baby in a way that is considered lovely and natural to some yet causes plenty of others to raise their eyebrows or make critical remarks. It's a tough world out there for every moms and the last bit of stress that any of us needs to deal with is stress about the most basic of human needs: feeding our babies.

Last summer I celebrated the end of my breastfeeding journey with Iris by treating myself to a beautiful sea glass necklace, aptly called the Nurture Necklace (it's beautiful!). A year later, I'm now breastfeeding sweet baby Dean. It fills me with pride and giggles to see Iris with her stuffed animal held to her chest as she announces, "Look Mom, I'm feeding Mingo from my SELF!" If only I had her confidence and boldness! We recently took a trip to NC and I was so nervous to breastfeed Dean in public. I was covered up, but I kept imagining what I might say or do if someone confronted me with any judgey-wudgey remarks or felt that I had scandalized their family members who were just trying to enjoy a day at the theme park. Like I said, it's a tough world out there, Mamas.

This week at least, it's World Breastfeeding Week, so I feel excited to celebrate the journey of breastfeeding. It isn't easy. It doesn't always feel natural. It can be darn inconvenient, especially for working mamas. But, OH, what a beautiful experience it turned out to be in the end for me and Iris and now for me and Dean.   

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Tata for now (#getit)!

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