Stuff those stockings with stylish and affordable finds

Filling and opening Christmas stockings might be one of my favorite holiday traditions. They definitely stand out because while I always made a wish list for Santa, I didn't typically have many expectations for my stocking, making it a great source of sercies (or surcees if you prefer that spelling). Stockings are icing on the Christmas cookie. I don't know about you, but I love my stocking to be filled with a mix of fun and practical items that I will truly put to good use.  

For this week's blog post I'm sharing my personal favorite stocking stuffers to give and receive. We'll go over several categories, including beauty products, kitchen gadgets and gizmos, edibles (YUM), practical things, and stylish/cozy things, and then we'll hit on some stuffers for the little ones. There are no affiliate links in this post, just straight up items that I can't live without or hope to receive in my stocking this year. Beside each product I have included shopping links for your convenience. 

I've chosen items that are under $20 though most items will be under $5 or $10 because stockings can add up to a hefty amount if you spend without limits. In my house, we usually aim for items under $5 but sometimes a more expensive item sneaks into a stocking like Santa into our house. 

For NEXT Christmas (yeah, I am already trying to think ahead because this mom life gig is teaching me the value of working as far ahead as possible while being flexible for last minute changes), I'll be devoting a small budget every month to shopping for stocking stuffers so that I can accumulate some great finds without the total taking away from my holiday spending. It's good to have goals, right? #christmasfuture #newyearsresolutions 

Let's kick off my list of stocking stuffer favorites with some affordable beauty products that I LOVE and I think you will too. 


C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve $5.50 HERE
This cult classic is so awesome to have around during the cold months of dry patches and chapped everything. You can use Rose Salve on lips, face, cuticles, elbows, knees, and chapped or dry patches of skin. Whenever I'm plagued with a cold or sinus infection and there's a whole lotta nose-blowing going on, I apply rose salve to the corners of my nose to soothe the red, chapped skin. Consider this a travel must-have for combating recirculated air on plane rides too. This tin lasts a long time in spite of being the size of a silver dollar (so it fits in your purse without taking up much real estate). I pick up this winter weather must-have from Bath & Body Works though you may find it other places too. 

Cover Girl Eye Enhancers Shimmering Sands $4.44 HERE
If this eye shadow trio ever gets discontinued, I will grieve hard. I keep one or two of these in reserve under my bathroom sink at all times, and I am not ashamed to tell you that I have been wearing this eye shadow palette since I was in college. I'm pretty sure my girlfriends and I saw it on one of the Bachelor contestants and we were hooked. We all bought this shadow kit because the colors are universally flattering and offer the perfect amount of shimmer without being too glitzy for everyday. For under $5 you can't beat this perfect trio. Now that I've told you about this gem, be sure to save me one on the store shelf, pretty please. 

Burt's Bees Lip Crayon $8.99 HERE 
Here is a fab lip crayon for under $9. It goes on smooth and is creamy, not cakey.  It boasts 8-hour moisture protection thanks to conditioning Jojoba and Kindi oil in Omega 3 and shea butter to hydrate lips. The full-coverage color finishes matte and wears well under glosses. I love to layer this under MAC Lipglass for a pretty pout that isn't too girly. This crayon comes in a variety of shades from light pink to deep brick. I like that the thickness makes it easy to hold and the crayon tip is easy to apply even if you aren't looking. You can find it at Walmart, Target or other places where Burt's Bees products are carried. 

Pacifica Purify Coconut Water Cleansing Wipes $6  HERE
Allow me to introduce you to my shower. Most days of the week, these wipes are how this toddler mom stays feeling clean between traditional showers. They smell amazing with papaya and aloe, and they do a stellar job of cleaning my skin while adding moisture. These are perfect for keeping in a gym bag or desk drawer for any time that you want to feel refreshed or for moments when you need a hit of a tropical vacation to escape the stresses of the day. One whiff and you'll be hooked! Other scents and formulations are available and some of them are a few dollars more than these classic wipes (like Super Detox Purification Wipes). These are made without sulfates, parabens, phthalates, or petroleum and right now they are Buy One, Get One Half Off at Ulta .HERE  

Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker $1.99 HERE
Another classic product that is always in my purse is a good ole Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker. For around two bucks, this lip balm deposits just a hint of color to look alive and it smells and tastes delicious. This is great for when your tween asks for makeup but you want to keep the serious cosmetic products at bay for a little while longer. Plus at this price, you won't be heartbroken if it gets lost.It's also cheap time travel. Every time I swipe it on I'm 16 years old again, working part-time at a formal wear shop and listening to Dave Matthews Band in my boyfriend's beat-up Jeep. :) #nostalgia   

Cute Measuring Spoons $3.74+ HERE
I'm a sucker for darling measuring spoons and cups and I can always, always use another set. These sorbet-hued ones are from World Market and are under $5. Not into pastels? Try the brights or blues options, $3-6 


Food Hugger set $9.99 HERE
I don't personally have food huggers so I can't tell you if they are quality or not, but they make my wish list because I love using lemon in my water on the daily, and I would like to skip the ziploc baggie in favor of something reusable to cover my lemon halves. Ditto for onions and for Iris's half-eaten apples.  

Tea Tins $4.18 for two HERE
Aren't these so cheerful? Wouldn't they look much more amazing than boring old boxes of tea in your cabinet? Shoot, you could even leave these out on the counter for a little color pop and visual interest in your kitchen. Or create a coffee nook and include these. You don't have to put tea in them after all.  These are on sale for under $4.20 for the set of two. 

Tea Towels $4.19  HERE
Another under $5 stocking star, these bold towels offer high style at a mega affordable price. I can already see a stellar Instagram pic starring these towels and the tea tins above. Roll these up and tie them with a pretty ribbon or use these towels as wrapping for another stocking stuffer for a 2-n-1 surprise. 

Tropical Bag Clips $4.99 HERE
Do I even need to say anything? Cute as can be and super useful, they'll chase away the winter doldrums. And they 're under $5 for a set of 6. Pass the snacks. 

Anthro mug $5 HERE
You can't beat a fantastic stocking stuffer from Anthropologie. Everything they offer is like a little luxury, and their collection of carefully curated items always feels unique. For a limited time their monogram coffee mugs are just $5. These are also great gifts for teachers, hair stylists and, other service all-stars that deserve a gift this Christmas. Fill with cocoa, candy, cookies, or cash and watch their eyes light up.


Sorry the font gets larger here. I've been tinkering with it and haven't been able to make it fall in line with the rest of the text. :) #graceoverperfection 

Anthro Votive $9 HERE 
Another great stocking stuffer from Anthropologie? Their assorted votive holders. At $9 these candy-colored candle holders make a nice accent to dorms, desks, and bubble baths. 

Coaster $10 HERE
Aren't these cute as a button? At $10 each, you can pick your favorite for yourself and snag some for stockings, giving everyone a unique coaster for their desk or study area or to prevent rings on the kitchen table. I love to keep a special coaster at my desk and would love it even more if it offered words of encouragement. 

Let's take a spin over in the edibles department to scoop up some of my must-have stocking treats. 


Terry's Chocolate Orange $2.49 HERE
Chocolate slices masterfully bound together in the shape of an orange. How do they do it? This treat is super cool to look at plus it tastes delicious-- milk chocolate with the perfect hint of orange flavor! It even comes with instructions to whack it on the counter (you know you want to) in order to release the chocolate core that locks each "slice" together. The individual slices of chocolate have markings that resemble real orange slices. Terry thought of everything. These are on sale at Target for $2.50.  

Ritter Sport Marzipan $2.99 HERE
Oh this is one of my absolute favorite treats! Dark chocolate with marzipan center is one of life's little luxuries. If you haven't had marzipan before, it's sugar and ground almonds whipped into a creamy paste and sandwiched between chocolate. I find these at World Market. Online you can only purchase in bulk (you might want to, just saying) but in store you can purchase individual bars.   

Gin Gins $2.49 HERE
My friend Denise turned me onto Gin-Gins during our first pregnancies. Denise was sick much of the workday and I was nauseous most of the time. She gave me a few of these and suggested cutting them into small pieces because ginger can be a bit spicy. I love them so much that I typically eat two full pieces at a time. They aren't just for the pregnant either! I tend to battle sour stomach from time to time and these provide great relief! This version is chewy like caramel and they also offer a crystallized candy version that I reserve for really bad bouts of nausea. A small bag of these costs $2.50 at World Market or you can buy them in bulk from Amazon, which I did. Because I love them, nauseous or not. 

Gift Cards $5-10 HERE
The simple gift of a cuppa Joe (or Joy if you will) makes my day any time of the year but especially as a stocking stuffer. I'm easy to please-- make it Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, Chickfila, McDonalds, or whatever. I promise I'll give a sincere thank you, and I'm pretty sure most of your friends and family will too when they find these in their stockings on Christmas morning. 

Here are some pretty and practical items that make perfect stocking stuffers for young adults (especially newly moved out or newly wed) and young at heart.  

Thank you cards $3.99 HERE 
I can never have too many beautiful thank you cards on hand. A set of 10 cards is just $3.99 at Target. These are especially useful in a stocking because hey, the recipient just got some great gifts they need to send thank you notes for! 

Page flags $1 HERE
The Target Dollar Spot has long been heralded as a fantastic corner to find great stuff for the right price, but the TDS shines brightest at Christmas when you can decorate your home and fill your family's stockings for supah-cheap. I snagged a ton of stocking items for Iris recently and saw lots of items that I would love to find in my stocking too like these cute as a button page flags. These tabs are ideal for flagging dates in your planner or passages in your Bible. 

Measuring Tape $2.99 HERE

This pocket-size retractable measuring tape is ideal for anyone who is in the process of decorating her home because it fits right into a purse and measures 60 inches. I got one of these from my Secret Sister at church and it was such a helpful tool when I was shopping for a nightstand for my guest room because I could take measurements and not have to guess if a piece would work in the space or fit in my car! These days, Iris gets a major kick out of pulling out the tape and watching me retract it. Endless fun for under $3. If you really want to get crazy, use a 40% off coupon and score it for $1.79.

Rifle Paper Company Weekly List $12 HERE
It's no secret that Rifle Paper Co makes the prettiest note cards and journals. They have weekly planner calendars too like this one below. A higher priced stocking stuffer at $12, it's a small price to pay for the gift of organization. I love the vertical format because I personally like to see my days side by side versus stacked. 
Rainbow Multi-tool set $20 HERE
It's like nine screwdrivers in one. And it's pretty. This cool tool from Uncommon Goods is incredibly practical offering Allen keys and traditional Phillips and flat head tools in one insanely cute gadget that will cut down on tool box space and make anyone just a little more excited about tackling home repairs. Awesome for a college student, new homeowner, or me. This stocking stuffer sneaks in at $20 but I think you can already see its value.  


Charming Charlie Sunglasses $7.50 each HERE
A stocking is a great place to sneak in some affordable fashion finds. One of my not-so-secret style tools are my Charming Charlie sunnies that are 2 for $15. If you've got a fashionable friend, daughter, nieces, or grands, you can get a pair for all the ladies without breaking the bank. These are a stylish gift but they are also practical. You're such a smart shopper! 

Old Navy scarf $8-14 HERE 
For just $8, give her the gift of warm fuzzies and cute winter style with Old Navy's collection of winter scarves in darling color combos. This is another gift that can easily double as wrapping if you want to tuck a big surprise inside the soft folds of this fair isle fabric. 

Crystal Earrings Under $10 HERE
Add a dash of shimmer and shine to her stocking with these shiny baubles from Old Navy, priced $7.99 and $9.99 but discounted even more at checkout! 

Holiday tee $6-8 HERE 
Old Navy also offers super cute and cozy holiday tees for just $6-8 right now, again with extra discounts at checkout. I love the colors on this holiday fun tee and that it layers well under a sweater or over a long sleeve thermal. Pair it with some cute flannel boxers or pants if you want to elevate it from stocking stuffer to bonafide gift status. 

Slippers $9.99 HERE
Style, comfort and cozy all live here in these velvet slippers with pretty pom trim. Under $10, these are so useful for cold days and nights around the house, and the velvet fabric will feel like a little bit of luxury, especially for the budget-bound college student or the super mom who has very little time for herself. :) I wear a 7. And I like Reese's PB Cups while we're sharing. 


I had a blast shopping for Iris's stocking and the bulk of the items came from Target Dollar Spot and Dollar Tree. For $20 total, I loaded up on flashcards, crayons, activity books, coloring books, stickers, bouncy balls, puzzles, and even Peanuts and Mickey Mouse wrapping paper to make opening each item even more fun for a Snoopy and Mickey-obsessed toddler. 

Since Iris is wild about stickers yet is visibly frustrated that they aren't reusable, I snagged some Colorforms for her from Dollar Tree. The set I got is actually Frozen and she will LOVE putting Olaf all over the backboard over and over and over again. This snoopy set is a contender and is a little pricier at just under $10. 

Colorforms HERE Dollar Tree Colorforms packs HERE 

Both Target and Dollar Tree offered these puzzles in cute little tins for just $1. 

Puzzle tins HERE

For a revolutionary style of chalk, try Butter Stix, which promise no dust, no mess, no stains for $12 a box. They glide like pastels over chalkboards, walls, plates, etc. There's also a chalk holder available for $4 to help prevent broken chalk sticks. 

Butter Stix HERE and chalk holder HERE 

Bonus items: Though these are above $20, I thought they were too cool not to mention-- use Butter Stix with there super cool books HERE by Jaq Jaq Bird. They're like reusable coloring books! The second pic is like a portable chalkboard book. Awesome for car trips and a safe place for your budding artist to express him- or herself. 

Coming in right at the $20 mark are our favorite sunglasses for babies and kids, Polarized Minishades. Shop them HERE. They offer a hide-n-seek warranty to replace your glasses for free just by registering your pair online. 

Light up ball $1  HERE Iris loves these from Target Dollar Spot. This ball is the perfect size for little hands and too big to be a choking hazard. 

Flashcards $1 HERE Dollar Tree offers Sesame Street and Mickey Mouse flashcards to learn words, shapes, numbers and letters. 

Crayon packs $1 HERE If you have more than one kiddo, these 3-packs of crayons are a good value to fill up stockings. 

I hope you've found some nifty little ideas for filling up your family's stockings. Share your favorite stocking stuffers in the comments so we can all have some more great ideas! 

Stylishly yours,

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