Fall Fashion Goes Folksy with Matilda Jane

The forecast for tomorrow morning where I live is a glorious 57 degrees, and I've got big plans to set my alarm for an earlier hour than I normally like to see just so I can savor my morning cup of coffee wrapped in cool, crisp air (and a sweater) while I tingle and twinkle over the joy of the fall-feeling mornings that I've been daydreaming about for months. (No disrespect to summer!)  

Iris and I are embracing the current romantic, folksy vibe of the fall season with pieces from the  Make Believe Collection from Matilda Jane. Every month Matilda Jane launches new pieces to make for an entire season's worth of delightful looks for babies, girls, tweens, and ladies. The Make Believe Collection is brimming with enchanting finds from dresses to tights to jackets and beautiful bedding, all based on the magical adventures that await in this wonderful season of family traditions, getting outside to enjoy leaves changing color, and celebrating the season's holidays. I personally can't wait for our upcoming visit to the North Carolina mountains to celebrate my dear hubby's 40th birthday. I'm so looking forward to sweater weather, mulled apple cider, and the beautiful colors ablaze in the trees. It's always a treat to get away and see some place new for a change, and I love taking Iris on our adventures.   

When I comes to Matilda Jane, Iris and I are relatively new to the MJC family. We've had friends who have loved the brand for years, and I confess, what really drew my attention was when Joanna Gaines designed a capsule collection for Matilda Jane last year. Her little girls looks so cute in Matilda Jane! The clothing is age-appropriate, modest yet packed with personality, fun and high-spirited. Matilda Jane seems like a natural fit for Iris and me given that pattern mixing and vibrant colors are two things that I really love. As a new customer with a tendency toward a critical eye, I'll attest that what I like best about Matilda Jane clothing is how well-made the items are. They wash and wear very well and last a long time without looking like they have aged. They also fetch a good price at resale in case you ever decide to pass them along to another lovely girl or friend. 

If you missed Iris's video on Instagram, she loved spinning around in her new frock and proudly beamed, "Dress!" when she finished twirling. She loves a great dress, much like her Mama. 

Iris is wearing the Fairy Tales Dress, a beautiful floral dress that can work for both fall and early spring. It's got a fun color palette of pink and wine on a background of blue with touches of rust and apple green. The striped hem gives it a really fun almost French flair. The fit is one of my favorites with a slightly high waist falling to a twirly skirt that ends below the knee, depending on how tall your little love is. Iris can wear this now and as she gets taller as it will gradually inch closer to knee length. Matilda Jane offers some adorable polka dotted tights that would be great layered underneath this dress. I've linked all the cute accessories  HERE for you to see. 


Matilda Jane doesn't just carry adorable looks for the little girls. They offer separate lines for tweens and women too. The clothing is always exciting, comfortable and stylish, and functional for a woman's life whether she teaches school or chases her own kids around all day.  

I'm wearing the  Visionary Dress, a tiered floral dress that gives off boho, folksy, prairie, Americana and 60s and 70s vibes, depending on how you style it. By adding a floppy hat and over the knee boots in tan or chocolate, you would have a very on trend 70s look. Flat wellies, knee socks, and a toggle sweater would give it a more farmhouse feel. A fringe vest, braids, and moccasin booties would wax a bit more 60s flower child. Try cowboy boots for an Americana feel. This Visionary dress is really versatile!

I've paired the dress with low booties and a yarn-wrapped necklace for a feeling in keeping with our setting that reminds me of an English garden near the country. Style Encore, my favorite resale store, helped me complete the look with these booties, and I am so excited that yet again, they had the exact style of shoes I was seeking in my size! I went in looking for a neutral suede bootie and discovered these never-worn Candies booties on the shelf in my size! They were priced at $15 but I had a trade in of some of my gently-worn clothes so the booties were FREE to me, plus I got an additional $100 in cash for the clothes I brought in.

I tend to dress in a more clean-lines, preppy way, but I admit that I just love the beautiful blue florals of this dress, with touches of pink, tan, and gray. It's really romantic and feminine, and as I wore it, the banded-bottom sleeve made me feel a little like Jenny in Forest Gump (her woodstock look). Btw, I had no idea until I was googling Jenny's outfits for reference just how popular it is to dress as Forrest and Jenny for Halloween. You know, in case you're looking for a couple's costume idea! ;)

To shop the Visionary Dress, click HERE.

ALSO, I'm still thinking about shoes... here's a fun fashion tip for you from the fantastic Shari Braendel: your best neutral shoe is one that is similar to your hair color. Brunettes choose a rich brown shoe, redheads try a port or cognac shade, and blondes try a taupe or tan. This gives the illusion of height and balance to your look.

I have to laugh at these pictures because despite my big plans to wash and blow out my hair for the shoot, life got in the way that day, and I had to improvise with verrrrry dirty hair and extra dry shampoo. There is a shelf life on dirty hair and product for me or my locks start to look very ashy, almost gray, as they do here. But they sure do match my booties so I think it works!

Speaking of hair colors, I also applaud the Visionary Dress for flattering so many complexions and hair colors. I think these shades of blue are gorgeous with blonde, red, brown, black, and silver hair. Every combination is beautiful in its own right.

I give my little strawberry blonde Iris a lot of credit when we shoot looks. She is usually cheerful and cooperative, and if she isn't, I just work with her, chasing her around and taking fun candids of her being her (curious, energetic, and on the moooove!). During the day that we shot these sweet pics, I prepared Iris for the pictures by asking if she wanted to wear flowers in her hair. I even showed her that iconic picture of Drew Barrymore with daisies in her hair. Iris thought it looked beautiful and enthusiastically expressed that she would love to wear flowers in her hair. "Yes, pretty!" So when it came time to tuck a few in her headband, she stood very still and wore this adorably serious expression, waiting for her flower crown to get into position. We're not fancy. We just grabbed a fall bouquet from the closest grocery store, but we sure had fun with these beauties! 


These two dresses are just the tip of the Matilda Jane iceburg! The entire Fall collection is incredibly charming and joy-filled. I'm already planning out my next MJC looks for both Iris and me! I will be hosting a Matilda Jane Trunk Show in November so if you would like to join in the event, be sure to comment or direct message me to send you the details. It will be a wonderful way to celebrate the girls and women in your life and maybe kick off your holiday shopping, if you're ready to get going!

I've got a few more peeks to share from the collection. The October installment just dropped and I am SMITTEN with the color palette! My favorites are:
Evergreen Top (ladies)
Envision This Sweater. (ladies)
Family Tree Dress (girls)
To the Castle Dress (girls)
Autumn Sunset Sweater (girls)

Before we go, can I show you my favorite pic of the shoot? It's a picture of me, so that feels REALLY vain to say, but I promise I'll explain... Hear me out. :)


This one. Regardless of the subject (me), I just love how dreamy and downright bucolic this whole scene looks and feels. It's like that tiny sliver of peace in a mom's day: delicate, fragile, fleeting, but SO perfect for a split second. This image is the feeling I get when I shut Iris's door for nap time or finally put a forkful of warm food (or warm coffee!) to my lips that have used the word "no" too many times to count. When I do these things, this scene is what my head space looks like! Maybe you can relate. #serenitynow

Also, I just love how this scene seriously looks straight out of the English countryside, blissfully overgrown with ivy and clover. It's actually the golf course behind my house! We had to tiptoe out to this spot after the course closed for the day and then work quickly to chase the daylight. As far as I am concerned, we could be in Essex or Lancashire. That's what the Make Believe Collection is all about, right? Imagining new places and possibilities!

Take a look through the images and by all means, comment or message me if you have questions about the looks or styling or parenthood. I'll take a stab at anything, friends!

Stylishly Yours,

Iris has been learning all about affection lately. She loves giving hugs and likes to get kisses. And boy is she all about the goodbyes before bed, telling all her stuffed animals goodnight, telling the pictures hanging on the wall goodnight, even telling her bathing suit hanging in my bathroom goodnight! This age is so very sweet, and I am soaking up hugs like a coffee-soaked lady finger in tiramisu.  


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