Iris meets Matilda Jane

Texture, pattern, color. That’s the backbone of Matilda Jane clothing, and the first, middle, and last name of my spirit animal.

If you have little girls, you’re probably well-versed in Matilda Jane, the whimsical line that caters to littles, tweens, and women. If you’re not in the know, Matilda Jane’s mission is to bring happiness to its customers by letting little girls enjoy being little girls, twirling in cute as all get out rompers, dresses and pants that incorporate a sweet and eclectic mix of pretty patterns. First Lady of America Joanna Gaines recently designed a capsule collection for Matilda Jane and it was nothing short of perfection. Items in the capsule sold faster than you can say shiplap, naturally, so we’re all out of luck when it comes to owning Jojo's designs unless we snag some on resale sites.


Our first foray into the world of Matilda Jane, comes thanks to a Trunk Keeper party invite by my friend Jenny who is the passion behind From the Stand Store. You’ve seen me sport her wearable faith tees that say Let Your Light Shine and Grace Upon Grace. Jenny hosted a Matilda Jane party, through Trunk Keeper Jamie Dalton, and I dove in to the Matilda Jane experience courtesy of a couple of cute purchases from the annual clearance sale to test drive the line before getting into the current collection.

To start with the practical stuff, because that’s what my mama friends want to know about, the pieces are quality-made, machine-washable, easy to get clean (Iris mashed some chocolate chips into her baby blue dress on the drive home from church and it rinsed right out), and I love that the items all came with extra buttons. Father God, please help me be able to find these buttons if I should ever need them. (That’s my work though, not Mattie J’s.  My friends at Thirty-One can probably hook me up with some clever storage receptacle for all of the spare buttons and thread in my life… Amen)

The fabrics are really soft and the stitching is even and sturdy, which is important for keeping our teeny tiny rambunctious hulks from tearing off their clothes. Iris has this one snap-up romper from another clothing company that she insists on ripping off like a burlesque dancer at a bachelorette party every time I put her in it. Insert “see no evil” monkey emoji here.  

Another noteworthy point about Matilda Jane is on the flip side of owning them. When you’re ready to pass along these adorable duds to a new little girl, resale stores are peachy keen on buying gently used Matilda Jane clothes, based on seeing them on the boutique brand racks of my local resale shop, so you can fetch a fair price for them, should you decide to sell them in the future.

Now for the fun stuff. I LOVE that Matilda Jane let me know where my order was every step of the way because I get super pumped up over package delivery days. It’s a stay at home mom’s thrill! Since my UPS man often doesn’t ring the bell (he knows we have Iris and is sensitive to not interrupting her naps), I rely on the text and email updates from my senders to let me know when a package has dropped. Once I opened my Matilda Jane package, it did not disappoint! Every item came wrapped in a frosted bag and sealed with washi tape in adorable Matilda Jane patterns. 

The first two items I got for Iris were dresses with coordinating diaper covers. I picked a baby blue sundress to wear this summer and a deep red dress with navy ruffle trimmed long sleeves for fall/winter. The baby blue dress is sized 12-18 months and the length fits well. The straps are prone to sliding off Iris’s shoulders, but that isn’t a big deal to me. I cinched them in the back with a bow that matches the coral details on the dress’s pockets. In general, I would say that sizing is true to size to slightly generous so your girls will be able to wear their cute Matilda Jane togs for some time to come.

The red and navy dress has beautiful teal buttons down the placket, which makes the dress all of my favorite colors. This one isn’t available anymore, sorry friends. But I can vouch for its great style and comfy knit fabric so I know that you’ll love a similar style from the new Fall Make Believe collection which drops this week. In fact, there are still 6 spaces for this Saturday to play dress up in the new Make Believe collection and get your little girl's pictures taken on the cutest back to school themed set ever. Take a peek at the backdrop  here.  This session is for those who will be in the Grand Strand this weekend only, and you can reserve your time slot by contacting Leslie Wright  here



After loving the dresses, Iris and I ventured out of the sale section and into the current collection to try out an adorable bubble and a super cute dress for me. You know how much I love making coordinated looks with Iris! May as well enjoy it while I can since the clock is ticking on this Mom-life guilty pleasure. J Soon enough my mini me is going to have her own ideas about dressing. It will probably not surprise you that she already knows the words dress, shirt, skirt, shoes, necklace, bracelet, and outfit.

Iris and I love our mommy and me ensembles, and I had fun styling up my Summer Sunset Dress several ways. It proved surprisingly versatile and it goes with colors you might not even think of, given that they aren’t in the prints at all. The stripes on this dress are butterscotch and ivory, and the floral print skirt has shades of peach, spring-mint, pumpkin, and lavender on a gray background. Yet red, cobalt and jade green looked fantastic with the dress.

I gave my look a bit of a vintage flair by adding a polka dot scarf as a headband. I nearly forgot to tell you that I've gotten my hair cut since the last time we talked, and I LOVE IT! It's lighter than air and quick to dry and style. 


By the way, how beautiful is this quilt? It's been in my family for a hundred years or more at this point and was made by my Great-Great-Grandmother around the 1910s. When my mom became the keeper of it, it had recently been used on the guest bed in my Nana's house. Now it is my favorite blanket during chilly winter nights and summer picnic days. It was just perfect to compliment the whimsical and farmhouse chic style of our Matilda Jane outfits. Back to those now...

The fabric is really soft and stretchy on the Summer Sunset dress. It’s the marriage of a tank top and a flowy skirt so it's really comfortable. I got a size small, which fits just right. Being a petite, I will probably hem this up to right at knee length, but the shoulders fit just fine and the waist didn’t hit too long.   

My favorite look is a denim jacket worn over the dress. It will look cute with boots for fall as well. 

Iris's bubble is truly adorable with its mixed prints and pops of bright blue and fucshia buttons! We styled the look both with and without a bodysuit underneath. I love the blue stripes and hint of lace at the shoulders seen below.

I hope you'll take a peek at the whimsical world of Matilda Jane and the new Make Believe collection debuting now. I've already seen some adorable pieces from the recent Back to School collection that are calling my name so I will certainly be a repeat customer.  If you don't know of a Trunk Keeper yet, contact my girl Jamie who is super friendly and easy to work with! Details below!

Jamie Dalton
Trunk Keeper ID: 389208
Contact me at 843.251.8354

Iris wears: Marco Polo Bubble
Sara wears: Summer Sunset Dress 

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