Melt in your mouth: A review of Main Street's newest ice cream shop

Nothing punctuates a summer day quite like a towering tall ice cream cone. If you live in the balmy south like I do, ice cream can be the perfect ending to days nearly all year long. I'm a January baby, and I've seen plenty of 75-degree birthdays that have been celebrated with putt-putt golf and ice cream! 

As the sandwich board sign suggests outside of Melt, the cutest little ice cream spot on Main Street in North Myrtle Beach, ice cream is always a good idea, and I wholeheartedly second that sentiment. Even with my minor lactose-intolerance, I never miss the chance to enjoy ice cream because some things are just plain worth the pain. Childbirth, eyebrow waxing, staying up late on a school night to finish your Netflix binge, and ice cream. 

Lately I've been binge watching Melt's Instagram feed, completely enchanted by the unique flavor combinations that they have been posting. For a few weeks now I have been prodding hubby about making time for a family field trip to Melt since he has been there two or three times already. Josh works with one half of the couple that owns the adorable shop, so he got a sneak peek last month and attended Melt's recent ribbon-cutting. It is high time that I get in on this ice cream action! Since our weekend days slipped away from us yet again this past weekend, we committed to making a Monday evening jaunt for ice cream. No two ways about it, ice cream is absolutely an acceptable dinner, really an acceptable meal, any time of the day. Who's with me? 

In these early days of summer, finding parking behind Melt was easy peasy, and we also noted that there is the option of ample public parking just a few doors down. Melt is right beside Duffy Street Seafood Shack so if you prefer to have dinner before your ice cream, you'll get everything you need within arm's reach on Main Street. The scent of fried seafood was pretty enticing when we got out of the car, and my head was filled with visions of Po Boys, crab cake sandwiches, and hush puppies. BUT that seafood fantasy went right out of my head the second we opened the door to Melt. That quintessential ice cream shop smell of freshly made waffle cones wrapped around me like a big hug. You know the scent, right? The one that smells like vanilla and cinnamon with possibly a hint of nutmeg? Mmmmmm. I just might start using waffle cone batter as perfume. 

With my nose fully leaned in to the Melt experience, I took a moment to soak up the feel of the space. If you like pretty places as much as I do, then you'll really love the interior of the shop. How to describe it? Hmmm...  Well, if Joanna Gaines and Martha Stewart were summer camp roommates and that summer camp took place inside an ice cream shop, then Melt is exactly how their bunk would be decorated. Martha's signature soothing shade of blue is both on the walls and the ceiling, which is a gorgeous touch, and Joanna's clean-lines sensibility is evidenced throughout by way of white subway tiles with soft gray grout, industrial lighting, and even touches of farmhouse-style decor. Melt is a pretty spot to be sure. 

There's that blue ceiling. More ceilings need to be painted in my opinion. :) 

Melt offers a mix of homemade ice cream and Hershey's flavors so the kiddos can enjoy their favorite neon yellow playdoh or moose tracks while you indulge in one of Melt's gourmet crafted recipes like Honey Lavender (SWOON), Lemon Chiffon, Blueberry Swirl, or the one I went with, Orange Blossom, made with real orange blossom extract. The Melt team loves to turn out unique and unexpected flavors that you may not find elsewhere to create a top-notch ice cream experience.  

Ashley and Brandon Causey are the owners of Melt, and they are really excited by the positive response to their hard work that has been a couple of years in the making already. I'm less surprised than they are because it's pretty obvious that they put heart, soul, and elbow grease into creating a solid product in a cheerful and inviting spot, complete with cafe lights over the patio and a sleek ipad-based register system. While we were sitting outside eating our ice cream, we overheard a young lady walking by tell her friend that "it's amazing how good their ice cream is." That is literally the word on the street, friends. :) 

The white subway tile and industrial and can lights give off a really bright, clean creamery vibe. It feels like you're in someone's exceptionally tidy and beautiful kitchen. I nearly asked if I could pull up a stool and make some waffle cones while I was there. You just feel good being at Melt. It's simple, crisp, and it smells SO good, which I may have mentioned... :)    

Melt's tag line is available on t-shirts in cute colors. (Ahh, that coral!) This is basically the recipe for a perfect summer! 

Here's my waffle cone filled with Melt's homemade Orange Blossom ice cream that tastes gourmet but not at all pretentious. The ribbons of orange were bright in both color and taste and weren't tart. I confess that I added sprinkles for the thrill of a pop of color. :) I lovvvve color, which isn't news to you. I also love the wooden spoons (they are splinter-free!). Every detail at Melt fits in with the clean, charming vibe.  

See how fab colored sprinkles are with Melt's pool blue patio walls and my summery red top? Color lover's delight! 

Here's the view from Main Street. Melt is very close to Ocean Drive, just three or so units from the end of the street. I expect lines to snake down the sidewalk all summer long. This has already happened during the busy weekends and I feel sure it will become a weekday event as well. :)  

Check out Melt on Instagram @cravemelt and see what flavors they are concocting on the daily. I think this might be dangerous for me since I live not far away from Melt and am home all day with a toddler. It doesn't take much to convince me to go on an ice cream field trip. Melt will easily become a once a week treat for me and Iris!  

Be sure to let me know what flavor you tried when you go to Melt. I personally can't wait to go back to try more flavors and make an afternoon of popping into the shops on Main Street. There are amusement rides, a park one street over, plenty of thrift and specialty shops to explore, and the beach just a few paces away.  


  1. Adorable review. Now I want some Melt.

  2. Thanks J! Adorable place. Summer goal of trying all the flavors! ;)